Words To Live By…With Gratitude

Words to live by….

After loving my parents, my siblings, my children and my friends. I have finally started loving myself ! Unconditional self-love will set you free and will lead you to a profound journey of self discovery.

I have realized that I am not atlas and the world does not rest on my shoulders.

I have stopped bargaining with fruit and vegetable vendors. A few pennies more is not going to break me, but it might help the poor soul save for his daughter’s school fees.

I leave my waitress a big tip. The extra money might bring a smile to her face. She is toiling much harder for a living than I am.

I stopped telling the elderly that they have already narrated that story many times. The story makes them go down memory lane and relive their past.

I have learned not to correct people even when I know they are wrong. The onus of making everyone perfect is not on me. Peace is more precious than perfection.

I give compliments freely and generously. Compliments are a mood enhancer not only for the recipient, but also for me. Never turn down a compliment. Just say “thank you”.

I walk away from people that do not value me. They might not know my worth, but I do.

I remain cool when someone tries to outrun me in the rat race. I am not a rat, and either am I in any race. I am not competing with anyone. Just trying to be my best everyday ! I am totally loving my essence of self-love and thankful to live an amazing life…another day.

I am learning to not be embarrassed by my emotions. It is my emotions that make me human.

I have decided and learned that it is better to drop the ego than to break a relationship. My ego (Edging God Out-Wayne Dyer) will keep me aloof, whereas with relationships I will never be alone.

I have learned to live everyday as if it were the last. After all, it might be the last. No guarantees.

I am doing what makes me happy. I am responsible for my happiness and I owe it to myself. Happiness is a choice. You can be happy anytime. Just choose to be. I put love into everything I do. If I can not love it. I don’t do it.

The universe always has my back. My life is filled with divine golden blessings, day and night. Big and small, I love them all.

Thank you so much to all my light tribe in the cosmos or the 3D world. You all make my soul sing.

I read this every-day, and my life is constantly filled with blessings.

Love is always the answer !

Namaste ,


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Books now available on Amazon Kindle by Katharine Everest. Gluten-Free Comfort Food…for your love of life and
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