Soul Work/Shadow Work Mentor Partner

Each session is one hour in length through Skype, Facetime or telephone.

These sessions are going to empower you and guide you to vibrate on an all loving, all compassionate, self-empowerment, freedom and ultimately unconditional self-love. I do not consider you broken. I believe some of us are on a journey of self discovery more than others and doing this work will give you insight of self. I believe we are all doing our best. I always see the light in everyone.

If you were guided to this page I am here for you and very grateful and honoured to help you embrace this healing. Not always easy, but always worth it. All your inner work will bring you closer to your authentic self and unconditional self love. Yes…embracing this healing is like becoming a time traveller. We need to feel the pain to release it. If we ask the Universe /God for “ An All Benevolent Outcome with Grace and Ease” , then we will be able to do this work easily or a-bit easier anyway . Always forgive yourself for everything. Anything that happened in your past was divinely timed. We may have been spiritually asleep. Try not to judge yourself. Not easy but I believe in you. You are a beautiful divine child of light. Totally unconditionally loved by the divine. Love, love, love yourself unconditionally. You are worth it.

If you are called to work with me. You are part of my soul tribe. I embrace my love for you. I am looking forward to helping you watch your soul shine brighter than the sun and feel your wings expand as you fly towards your souls greatest journey. Trust your divine guidance. Always authentic. You can trust me and nothing you share with me is ever shared by me anywhere. Mine is a “Judge Free” zone. Crying is a sign of strength to me. Man or woman, it makes no difference to me. Big love. Embrace your light. I know you are.



Four Sessions Spiritual Life Coaching

I am looking forward to working with you. Please send me an email to so we can get started. Many blessings, Katharine


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This Is My Wish For You…A Children’s Book Of Love. I am currently writing “ Expecting The Light “ A divine journey to transformation with divine messages from spirit. Available worldwide January 2022.

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