Spa For The Soul-Readings Of Divine Council

I am an Empath, Intuitive Tarot Card Reader, Clairvoyant with all 5 Clair abilities. I have the ability to connect directly to source and to easily interpret your cards by using my deep intuitive gifts. I am a clear channel. I meditate everyday and I always keep my aura clear so you can rely on me to receive messages of authenticity from above. The card deck I use for your readings is called ” Frequency Tarot-Divine Guidance Cards”, created by Spiritual Luminary , Teal Swan. She creates paintings of the energetic, vibrational frequency of the specific subject matter each one represents. When I draw a card for you from this deck, you are either a vibrational match to the frequency I have drawn, or you would benefit from the frequency card I have drawn for you. I will draw five cards for you, concentrate on each card and convey to you what I think they mean by email, within 24 hours. Namaste, Katharine I am currently booking August 10, 2021 forward.

Spa For The Soul-Readings Of Divine Council

I feel divinely blessed to do this reading for you. Please email me at so I can start your ” Spa For The Soul-Readings Of Divine Council ” reading for you, after you have paid for it. Thank you so much. If you are giving this as a gift then please give my email address to them. I will send your gift certificate by email. It never expires. Namaste and many blessings. Katharine


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