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What we can’t express runs our life…Anonymous  

Remember , above all , health is wealth and the most important energy you can ever have in your life is the love you give out and the love that comes in. All the rest is only stuff and you can’t take it with you !

My story starts in 1958 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I was born to two teenage parents who loved their kids very much. I was raised with 5 brothers and sisters and I am the oldest. By the time my mom was 23 she had 5 children.

Moving into the current timeline, I have done massive healing over the years and taken NLP and been certified with Dr. Doreen Virtue in regards to Boundary Mastery.

I attended Seneca College and studied Psychology in the Light of Human Relations , Bookkeeping , Writing for Children , Import Export and Theatre Arts and other night school courses in the 1990’s and up to 2006 .

I have diplomas in:
Floral Design ( With The Toronto School of Floral Design )
Nlp ( Neuro Linguistic Programming ) with Dhe
Dale Carnegie Public Speaking ( Toronto )
Reiki levels 1 & 2 in 1993 and I was honoured with a Reiki Master Degree in 2006 with Marlene George
I have studied “ water colour art “ with Valerie Kent at her classroom by the Mill Pond in Richmond Hill, Ontario where the  “Richmond Hill Group of Artists” resides
I received my diploma in “Assertiveness Training” with Doreen Virtue

I have been meditating since the mid 80’s originally to calm down my very active mind but I have found it to be a very peaceful experience that gives me insight I would not otherwise have. I do this daily now as an act of self-love.

My main reading interest is Psychology, Spirituality, Writing , Financial Education, Art  , Natural Nutrition , Empowering Women , Etc .
My favourite “ Literary Mentors “ are Louise Hay, Dr. Doreen Virtue , Dr. Wayne Dyer .

I was a soccer coach for my daughter’s team in Thornhill , Ontario , Canada in 1999 and 2000 . In the light of that I do enjoy watching soccer, the Maple Leafs, Wimbledon & the Blue Jays.

I enjoy walking in nature, listening to peaceful music and writing and art. I also enjoy movies and outings with friends.

My musical interests vary from classical, alternative, classic rock and jazz . I do know how to play some instruments but I do not play any of them well. I am a classically trained vocalist and I have mastered my “ inner instrument “ . I love to dance for therapy and enjoyment and I love to swim in nature or at pools.

I hope your day is relaxing and above all ABUNDANT WITH LOVE …

Many blessings , Katharine

Email: beautifulday101@outlook.com
Skype: katharinebeautifulday101

YouTube: Infinite Abundance

Books now available on Amazon Kindle by Katharine Everest. Gluten-Free Comfort Food…For Your Love Of Life .
This Is My Wish For You…A Children’s Book Of Love


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My Personal Mission Statement

My vision is to live my life as someone authentic who encourages others to be their greatest version. I want to heal as many people as possible and encourage forgiveness at all times.

Katharine Everest