Empowering People Inspirational Vessel Mastery
During each session I will share with you nutritional information from my years of study and personal experience in this area. All sessions are 4 weeks long at ½ hour per session through Skype.
Week 1- Our interaction will include your goals and adult steps to achieve them. How creating a log of your food intake can enhance your goals. Any special clothes you would like to fit in such as “ I love my “PURPLE JEANS” ! HEALTH IS WEALTH…YOU CAN DO IT ! We must remember also our age does play a part in this. Our goals should be different at 59 than they are at 25 !
Week 2- We will talk about what you are currently eating and how you can include more fibre, enzymes and vitamins into your diet through food choices not just a multi-vitamin.
Week 3- We will talk about how you are doing and any changes you feel you can make to enhance your progress and enjoying your journey. Also acceptance of your healthy vessel is important and so we will talk about that.
Week 4- We will talk about your changes over the last month and how you feel you can stay on track. What you feel you are doing right, at this moment and how proud you are of yourself for taking this time for you !

I am looking forward to seeing you in the next GOOGLE HANGOUT ! GOOD FOR YOU !
Your total investment in yourself for this is only…$ 211.11


When you know the road ahead you have power.

If you anticipate up and downs your attitude will change for the better.

The master wants to know the road ahead by finding someone who has done it before.

I offer you 15 minutes by Skype, currently starting in October 2017 and forward for you to try my mentor/coaching program. Throughout this connection we will just get to know one another. Send me an email if you would like this trial 15 minutes.

I am creating a special gathering of like minded souls through a Google Hangout monthly. Dates to be announced. I feel this is the best way to create time for ourselves as we don’t have to go anywhere, as long as we have an internet connection, we can join. This will be free to all members who have joined me in Empowering People Inspirational Vessel Mastery or any of my other programs forever.


Email : beautifulday101@outlook.com
Skype : katharinebeautifulday101
Facebook: Katharine Everest / Katharine’s Sessions
I offer through “Katharine’s Sessions” : Empowering Women Inspirational Boundary Mastery Program & Empowering People Inspirational Vessel Mastery & Soul Light Art and Writing Circles . Also now available Readings of Divine Light/Mentorship.

Books on the horizon by Katharine Everest in late 2017 , Colour Your Wings … This Is My Wish For You…A Children’s Book Of Love , My Clouds All Have Rainbows , Gluten Free Comfort Food…For Your Love Of Life (Already on Amazon) and Good Morning Beautiful Loving Stories In Praise Of Pet Parent’s Everywhere (Already on Amazon . Available on all worldwide platforms in ebook and paperback in late 2017/2018 .
Healthy Gluten Free Comfort Food: Hope, Happiness & Health…For Your Love Of Life
By Katharine Everest

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