peacock1sep09-001Beautiful Day To You :

I am hoping your life journey is treating you well.

I am excited about the creation of this program as we all work towards HEALTHY BOUNDARIES AND PURE SELF LOVE .

I am currently booking September 2017 . I book sessions from 10:00 a m Saturday and Sunday.

I am glad that you are here , and I am fully committed to partnering with you on your ” Spiritual Life Journey “. I feel that creating healthy boundaries and embracing your health is everyone’s birthright . To me HEALTH IS WEALTH ! I am so pleased that you have included me to help you reach your goals ! It is my goal to be of service to you in a positive and enlightening way and that our interaction is life changing !

Empowering People Inspirational Boundary Mastery Program was created by me to help woman like you master their own self love and healthy boundaries. I am NLP Certified with NLP with DHE in Toronto, Canada and Boundary Assertiveness Certified with Doreen Virtue.
Why not take your life to the next level and start living the life you’ve always wanted !

Outline for the four-week program is as follows:

Week 1 …We will explore what you wish to achieve with this program. We will focus on your self-love boundaries, life/focus wheel balance and 365 days of self-love. You will be sent a quick questionaire by email before the session and we will discuss your answers .

Week 2 …We will explore your jail bars of belief. Memes that may be controlling you, good and bad. Suggestions regarding choosing loving thoughts and beliefs and self-forgiveness.

Week 3…We will explore self-responsibility verses blame. Victim mentality and how to rethink this. Play and relaxation techniques and outlets. What you do to create time for you.

Week 4…We will explore your new self , filled with self-love and healthy boundaries. Reinforcing your worthiness and “I am enough” beliefs. Daily rituals you have committed to to help you on your journey.

Each session will include a SHADOW MEDITATION on your focused topic.

Every week you will be emailed your PDF of adult action steps and your chosen goals.

As a loving soul taking my “ Empowering Women Inspirational Boundary Mastery Program “ please join me for the next “ Therapeutic Art Circle “ in Richmond Hill, Ontario . You do not have to feel that you are an artist to join us. If writing is your creative expression of choice you can also join us and a journal will be supplied. Please let me know if you plan to join us.

Your total cost for the four week program is $ 1,111.00 with all taxes all in.

You will be sent a PDF receipt to the email you provide. Please contact me by email as soon as you have committed to this so we can get started with your first appointment. All appointments will be done by Skype or telephone. Apple ladies can download Skype too !

When you know the road ahead you have power.

If you anticipate up and downs your attitude will change for the better.

The master wants to know the road ahead by finding someone who has done it before.

I offer you 15 minutes by Skype, currently starting in October 2017 and forward for you to try my mentor/coaching program. Throughout this connection we will just get to know one another. Send me an email if you would like this trial 15 minute.


I am so excited to connect to you !


Katharine 416-910-7963 talk/text

Single appointments of one hour are available for $ 113.00 all inclusive. Email me so we can set up your appointment after your payment is made by email.



Email : beautifulday101@outlook.com
Skype : katharinebeautifulday101
Facebook: Katharine Everest / Katharine’s Sessions
I offer through “Katharine’s Sessions” : Empowering Women Inspirational Boundary Mastery Program & Empowering People Inspirational Vessel Mastery & Soul Light Art and Writing Circles . Also now available Readings of Divine Light/Mentorship.

Books on the horizon by Katharine Everest in late 2017 , Colour Your Wings … This Is My Wish For You…A Children’s Book Of Love , My Clouds All Have Rainbows , Gluten Free Comfort Food…For Your Love Of Life (Already on Amazon) and Good Morning Beautiful Loving Stories In Praise Of Pet Parent’s Everywhere (Already on Amazon . Available on all worldwide platforms in ebook and paperback in late 2017/2018 .
Healthy Gluten Free Comfort Food: Hope, Happiness & Health…For Your Love Of Life
By Katharine Everest

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