Star Magic Healing/Infinity

What can I say but that “Star Magic Healing” and their “Infinity Membership” is absolutely awesome ! If you want to raise your vibration to attract more and more blessings into your life then this is the ultimate “Consciousness Toolkit “ .

 Jerry Sargeant, known as “The Facilitator”is the creator of “Star Magic Healing”. He has such a soothing and comforting voice as he guides you through any meditation. There is a meditation for absolutely every issue you are dealing with. I listen to his “Psychic Protection” meditation, twice a day ! My aura has never been clearer. He uses light codes from the divine in every meditation and he lives in the essence of “Unconditional Divine Love”.

“Infinity” also has lots of “Light Language Transmissions” with pictures to look at while he is speaking “light Language”. Light language is known as the language of the soul and I believe it is. I can feel my third eye vibrating when I enjoy any “Light Language Transmission”.

They are adding new meditations and “Light Language Transmissions” every week. “Infinity’s” latest addition for a short, 15-minute, meditation is “Staying Focused”. Their latest “Light Language Transmission” is “Highest Potential”.

“Infinity” also has a 7-day trial period where you can enjoy everything they have to offer for a week at no cost. I was blown away by this.

“Infinity” also has a section on high vibrational foods and recipes.

You can order a healing with the “Star Magic” modality. The “Star Magic Healings” include removing any blocks you may have and psychic surgery if you need it. It’s absolutely amazing. I had a healing and was told that I had blocks in my crown chakra, my third eye chakra and my throat. He removed them all. He saw a black block in my throat, literally, and when he tried to remove it, it wouldn’t leave. He was given a song bird to insert in my throat  and voila, it disappeared. He told me to speak my truth. Later at the end of the healing he saw a wolf howling and he was told “She has found her voice again”. I am so grateful for this healing. It was profound and wonderful !

This healing was done by one of “Star Magic” many healers who have all taken the “Star Magic” training. The gentleman who did my healing goes by the name of “Gregory Dean”. He talked to me at the time we agreed on for a few minutes and then he hung up and went forward with my healing. He sent me an email with his findings and recommendations in 24 hours. All the healings are done long distance. You don’t have to be physically there.

Infinity will help you become your greatest version and live in peace.

I hope you have found this article informative and you will try “Infinity and Star Magic Healing”.

Mountains of blessings and namaste,


To try “Infinity”, please follow this link:

Email :
Skype : katharinebeautifulday101
Facebook: Katharine Everest

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YouTube: Infinite Abundance

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