Day 7 of 365 Days of Blogs of Authenticity- Never Feeling Enough Through Your Releasing and Addressing/Healing Old Wounds…🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️👩‍💼📚🌸✍️🌈

Interesting how this weeks full moon effected me. I would doubt I’m the only one in the earth school that had challenges navigating the full moon energetically. It created an edgy Katharine 🤔😉🙃😂🙏.

I of course did my usual meditation in the waking hours and as I went to sleep. I’m still doing some major inner healing and releasing. I’m also getting ready to move in a few days so I’m packing and purging.

I have found that God and the Divine Mother are very helpful in regards to healing, forgiveness and releasing. Anyway just a suggestion for everyone.

Anyway I was guided towards a poem from A Course In Miracles that I thought everyone might enjoy and it certainly helped me see my light and see everyone else’s light 💡. Enjoy!

Return To Love 💗 💜🌈Our greatest fear is not that we’re inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us. We ask ourselves, “who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, handsome, talented and beautiful?” Who are you not to be? You are a child of God.

Your playing small does not serve the world 🌎. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. 💗💜✍️🙏🚌😇🤔🤷‍♀️🌈🌸📚

We were born to make manifest the glory of God within us.

It is not just in some; it is in everyone.

And, as we let our own light shine, we consciously give other people permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

Wishing everyone blessings, Katharine 💜 Katharine Helen Mary Simpson-Author/Entrepreneur/Visionary

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Day 4 of 365 Days Blogs of Authenticity/Creative Good Energy/Non-Toxic Home Cleaning 🧹🧼💜😊🚌✍️🙏😇🧺🤷‍♀️👼🧚🏿👩‍⚕️🎁🧹🌎🧑‍🎄🙆‍♀️👩‍❤️‍👨🧵👚

June 13,2022

Remember you create your life, you have the key 🔑. You are the captain 👩‍✈️ of your soul’s journey. We all have free will so we can choose a wonderful life if we want to. Your authentic self that is genuine, loving 🥰, honest and kind will shine and create your beautiful smile 😃.
Keeping my word to myself. Doing a Let Go and Let God meditation daily and a blog a day. The field is the soul’s governing energy. Albert Einstein

Toilet Fizzies … You will need 160 g baking soda, 1 bottle of puroxide (3%), lemon juice 👑🎩🧤🧢👜🧳🌂🦋🍀🌹🌸🪷🐚🍋, 60ml, vinegar 125ml , 15 drops of your favourite essential oil. Suggestions: frankincense, lavender, sweet almond, palo santo, rosemary, rose 🌹 geranium. Just love essential oils. Just a lovely addition to your life. One of God’s little miracles.

Mix all up in a bowl 🍚 and place by large spoonfuls on parchment or waxed paper. Let them dry overnight.

I hope this short blog helps you work towards a non-toxic home 🏡. I use baking soda and cleaning 🧹 vinegar in a spray bottle for general cleaning. Water 💦 and vinegar works just as well as the window cleaners you can buy.

Really, where is my maid? ! Lol 😂 oh yah…I forgot…it’s me!

May God’s blessings shower 🚿 on you daily. Thank you so much 😊 for reading.


Katharine Helen Mary Simpson ( ✍️ Author/Entrepreneur)

I’m still excited about so much genuine love in my life. It seems no matter what’s going on around me as long as I know that God/Jesus loves me, I’m okay. But having the love 💗 of your children is really quite wonderful.

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Day 6 of 365 days of Blogs of Authenticity…Money is Never About Money. 📚✍️😇🚌💗🌈😊🌎👩‍💼🌸☮️🤷‍♀️😉🏃‍♀️

Hello everyone…this is a very serious subject. Money mentality through positive or negative programming is always running our life. Money is never about money 💰. If it was just about the dollars and cents, budgeting would be easy-spend less than you make. But the energy of money 💰 is about so many other things-your history, values, beliefs, goals, and of course your triggers. Remember Albert Einstein said “Everything is Energy” and that includes money. All your financial memes, whether good or bad programs running your show creates your relationship with money. So ask yourself, “ how is my relationship with money?”

Is this relationship based on fear ( I never have enough or my needs are always met but you still live in a lack mentality and don’t appreciate what you have even though you own real estate free and clear and you have no debt 💸 and a full time job.) Just an example, not aimed at anyone. Control, Love, respectful interaction with money 💵…needs to be addressed. Like any energy money has feelings…you’re full of shit you say…hmmm 😉🙃😇. Really if you feel that money is the route of all evil 👿 and you never have enough money do you 🤔 maybe money heard you and knows you don’t wan’t to be evil so that’s why your money is limited. Or I never have enough money…the universe heard you and no matter what your circumstances are… the proof will be in the pudding and you will be presented with lots of situations that prove that this is true.

If you have lots of money in your bank account and your financial world proves daily that you have that 10 of pentacles, so to speak, but you feel your sense of self is nothing without that outer validation. Think 🤔 again. Can you take it with you when your soul moves on? Of course not so why worry about it. Appreciate what you have at this moment and make focused goals for the future but realize that #1) Living tomorrow is not guaranteed. Nope our physical life can end at any moment…your age is not relevant. Be grateful for this moment because this is all we can control. Our past is gone. Can’t change it. Don’t beat yourself up regardless of what it looked 👀like. If you want to change your mindset and push delete on any programs running 🏃‍♀️ your show that will not serve you well and help you live your dreams..why not do so.Of course make future goals but just let go and let god because if they do materialize in your world 🌎 they rarely look like the actual picture in your mind. The universe will always present them in the energy and programming in the present moment you have going on. You can have very little funds in your bank account but if your mindset is unlimited abundance, which is our divine birthright, then that’s what will come to you eventually. Always in divine timing. Nature is abundant and we are part of nature. Then in one way or another you will have abundance presented to you. Healthy body, heart 💜 and soul is abundance. Health is wealth. If you have your health why would you care about the other stuff. Seriously silliness 🙃. Anyway that’s my rant for today. Thank you so much for reading. Long life and May prosperity reign in every part of your life. Be blessed 😇 Lovingly,

Katharine Helen Mary Simpson (Author/Entrepreneur/Visionary)

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Day 5 of 365 Days of Blogs of Authenticity “ A Little Piece/Peace ☮️ of Heaven in the Middle of the City 🌈💗

Well I’m keeping this short and sweet today. Sticking to my guns today though so a blog a day until my next birthday, which is my 65th. Major milestone! June 10,2023.

I am taking in the natural beauty of the lovely local park where I currently reside. It’s on my way from my school bus 🚌 run in a town north of Toronto, Ontario. My students on my bus are very lovely and I love driving the school bus 🚌. It helps my financial world 🌎 but I really love 💗 it. Anyway the school year ends for the French board June 28/22 and both my schools are French Immersion. I don’t know if I am going back in September but I have told them I will be back to keep my options open. I’m really quite partial to the lovely children I transport so if I do go back in after labour day, I want the same school bus 🚌 run 🏃‍♀️.

I lived here when I was young. And I learned to skate on the Mill Pond. It was very wild then. Lots of lily pads, swans, ducks, and somebody always cleaned the ice for hockey players and skaters. The winter carnival was lots of fun 🤩. Oh my goodness the ice sculptures were always spectacular and there was a contest for the best one. Always hot chocolate 🍫 available. You always met people you knew there. It was just a small town then. So different now but thank you so much 😊 goes to my Dad for buying his first house here at $ 12,500.00 or some crazy small amount now and giving my 4 brothers and sisters and I a great place to grow up. My grandma Helen was also in our life in a big way. She was always kind and caring of us all and when she wasn’t living with us she lived close by in a senior apartment. We loved having lunch with her. Of course we walked everywhere. My Dad was working all the time to make sure we had everything we needed. We were a family of 5 kids but we never went without. Grandma taught us how to play cards. Double solitaire, Huff( She may have made this game up. lol) We couldn’t afford a tv for a few years so Dad taught us to play cards and board games. Euchre, Yahtzee, etc.

Grandma used to say “I can’t die I have to many books 📚 to read”. Anyway she died when I was 22 almost, 44 years ago almost to the day. June 5th or 6th, 1980. Just before my 22 birthday 🥳. Many good memories of growing up here.

With eyes 👀 of faith, the soul can see many things that are completely hidden to the natural eyes 👀. Genesis 23/24

You are a blessing and I hope you are blessed. Thank you 🙏 for reading my blog. My back to the past event in looking through my eyes in Faith. Which is always present in my soul.



Katharine Helen Mary Simpson (Author/Entrepreneur/Visionary)

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Blue skies shining on me. Nothing but blue skies do I see 📚👀💗🌈🏡☮️🌎

Day 3-Blogs of Authenticity- I am always Divinely Guided. Thank you God. Today is Sacred Sunshine Sunday 😇✍️🙏👼🧚🏿👩🏼‍🔧👩‍🎓👩🏻‍🌾🇨🇦

Thank you to all my subscribers. I appreciate you. I hope my words move your soul. Thank you for helping me make a difference. ✍️🙏😇💜🤔🧚🏿👩🏼‍🔧🌎💗🎁🏃‍♂️

This will be short and sweet. I am moving this week and I’m purging and packing.

This is moving with me! God’s Serenity Prayer 🙏 😇🤔💗☮️✍️👀📖😊💡
I took a screenshot of this. This is sold on Etsy. I will send this lovely person money next week. Thank you so much divine soul. I appreciate you. 💜 Shout out to CassCannDesigns on Etsy in 🇨🇦.

Today I am focusing on something that the most amazing Art Linkletter said in the book 📕 “ Hope & Heroes…Portraits of Integrity & Inspiration “. Been in my physical library for years.

Anyway he says in this book 📕 “ The oldest message and the only one that is in every religion in the world 🌎…Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Amazing. I didn’t realize this was a religious quote. I just thought it was part of my Dale Carnegie training and reading. Lifetime learner…me…thank you Lord. People of integrity do this because it’s the right thing to do, not because there’s some reward. Live your life as if this is all there is. Be present 🎁.

Keeping it simple today. Kiss( Keep it simple sister…Lol. Yah I know Zig kiss quote

Lovingly and adored. Be blessed. We are 💗 all Love. 😇🙏✍️🧚🏿👩🏼‍🔧👩‍🎓

Katharine Helen Mary Simpson ( Author ✍️ and Entrepreneur)

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Blogs of Authenticity June 12, 2022 Day 3 of 365 days of blogs.

Day 2-Blogs of Authenticity/Divine Intelligence

Happy Saturday to you all. You are all lovely 😊. Today is day 2 of my 365 day discipline challenge. Had the most amazing birthday yesterday. Thank you so much to friends and family for connecting to me and making me feel loved. 💜💗🙏😇✍️🥰🌍👼☮️🇨🇦😀

Gerbera daisies are my favourite…so lovely.

Well today I thought I would address Jealousy, envy and the like. 🤔 I have done the inner child healing in regards to this trigger , so I actually do know what I’m talking about because I’ve been there so to speak.

I watched a YouTube video last month that featured Elon Musk. Very intelligent human being. Of course he’s beyond rich but as you know that doesn’t dictate a person’s worth to me. He seems to have his stuff together emotionally anyway. To me it’s your inner workings that count. Money is an amazing tool that can help anyone change their lives, etc and gives you a great tool to make a positive difference in this world if you choose. “Money is the route of all evil” was coined by people who saw somebody use money in the Al Capone energy and money used in the dark energy definitely is the route of his/her evil 👿. Anyway I’m not talking about dark energy money lol 😂 just aiming for positive insights here. Let me explain. I was in a headspace at that moment that that video came in my world and 🌍 I was concerned about the people in my world that seem to have some dislike going on in regards to anyone, me or anyone else who does shadow work/inner child work and well is elevating themselves and moving forward towards their dreams in life. I’m not judging anyone. I honour everyone’s path. This is just an observation. Anyway Elon said it’s normal to have hater’s because they are frustrated about not going out of their comfort zone and progressing. Some people really want to do this but they’re really scared 😱. It takes a major leap of faith to believe in a big dream that you think you want consciously but subconsciously you don’t feel worthy. So you don’t like people that are accomplishing their dreams and progressing. Your comfort zone has many faces but they usually look 👀 like some kind of rut. You know a grave with both ends kicked out. Been there. Sometimes it’s just easier to stay there for awhile. This blog is for those who want to make a positive difference in their world. It’s like your cup will overflow and all the work you did on yourself will touch others and help them see their light 💡. To me, that’s making a difference.

Remember we are all 💗 love, no accept-ions. We are all worthy of anything we want. It will likely be presented to us when it does come looking 👀different than what we envisioned originally. That’s normal. I just go with the flow. When you are writing down your goals make sure you always say “ For the highest good of myself and the good of all”. And asking for an all benevolent outcome with grace and ease is always good to say. Also Let Go and Let God handle the details. Don’t worry about it just go with the flow. If it’s mean’t for you it will never pass you by.

Tools to heal the envy anxiety wound. Hypnosis. There are lots of hypnosis meditations focusing on this on YouTube or go to an actual hypnotist or any kind of inner child healing that calls to you.

You can also talk to a psychologist, psychiatrist or just a social worker or a healing spiritual coach if you need help moving forward. Get some energy healing done. This fast tracks the process, usually. There are lots of modalities. Body heart 💜 work ( Cranial Sacral) , zenith omega, reiki,etc. The main focus of any healing journey should be to discover your inner light and unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance of yourself. We’re all human and everyone of our life paths are different. Don’t beat yourself up forever for not being perfect. Just love yourself. Honestly, it really does work. The saying some people are in our lives for a season, a moment, years or whatever but everyone is or has been in our life for a reason is so true. We just have to see that we are love ❤️ and we’ll be okay. Ask for Jesus, Archangel Michael to help you as you go within or whatever your spiritual guidance feels and looks like. You’ll be divinely guided. The signs are always there. You just have to see the life lesson quite often hidden as the silver lining around the clouds the universe is presenting to you. If you feed the wolf that creates more drama or inner conflict and you continue to be triggered by your wounds that’s of course your choice but if you feed the wolf that you want to cure through positive input like healing modalities of any kind you will feel very empowered and beautiful. When you thought you were in control because you had mastered your patience…you were actually being controlled by your unhealthy unhealed wounds because until you heal your wounds, they are running 🏃‍♂️ your show, not you. Food for thought 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🫣🫣.

I believe in you.

Bright and magical blessings on this beautiful day. Thank you so much God for putting me on the wake up list. Remember our life is a gift 🎁. Many people never got to do the inner work to make themselves feel whole. They are gone wherever we go when we die. They died in the wounded warrior essence and when they return in another chassy they have to continue where they left off. I just think it’s kind of fun to get the inner self balanced, harmonic and peaceful before leaving this world because as far as I’m concerned if I can be a good example to humanity as to what anyone can accomplish if they want to then this is going to make a difference. That’s one of my life missions. To make a difference. To be a change maker and do like Ghandi quoted, to be the change you want to see in the world 🌎. Wonderful wonderful wonderful! Thank you so much for reading 📖.

Go within… meditation is not woo woo sh…It balances and creates inner peace ☮️. To me that’s priceless.


Katharine Helen Mary Simpson ( ✍️ Author and Entrepreneur 👩‍💼)

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365 Days of one blog post per day for 365 days ! It’s my birthday 64 today. Let Go and let God meditation everyday. Happy personal New Year to Me! Blogs of Authenticity, Blogs of Small Acts of Kindness Revisited.

I figure “what the heck! 🤷‍♀️ It’s my personal new year and I want to master personal discipline. I am excited to do this work. I figure 2 hours per day !

My beautiful birthday poem of Love 💗

Peaceful daisies smile on us,

Sunshine ☀️ skies and blue oceans 🌊 wide. Baby steps will make us wise,

Fairy garden’s enlighten our lives,

Dancing joyously and always there,

Always peaceful ☮️ in my soul. Always Peace ☮️ is welcome love 💗. Xoxo

All is well in my soul. Never let anyone rent space in your head for free. Talk to God if you need help creating real boundaries, energetically or otherwise. Always unconditionally love and forgive yourself. Your vibration will rise and you will feel so free it will blow your mind! You are perfect. You are Lovely and you are Love 💗


Katharine H.M. Simpson ( Author ✍️ and Entrepreneur)

Katharine Helen Mary Simpson Dob: June 10,1958 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 🇨🇦

Life Purpose #’s 30/3 Gemini Sun ☀️ Aries Moon 🌝 Venus in Taurus ( Earth Wind and fire 🔥) Personal New Years Resolutions are as follows. I want to master the art of self discipline. I am challenging myself to meditate 🧘‍♀️ everyday to a Let Go and Let God meditation. (1/2 hour), also one blog per day. I will master this by keeping this promise to myself for 365 days from today June 10,2022 to my 65th birthday June 10,2023. I’m excited about this. The money’s not the focus. Everything happens in divine timing to me so I never worry about that. Just going with the flow !

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Sacred Soul-Light Mandalas by Katharine’s Lighthouse 11:11 Blogs of Authenticity-Sacred Sunday June 5/22

Just heard in the twilight zone…”I’m innocent “. My response was “Of course you are. All our life paths are being run by our unhealthy unhealed wounds. Heal them by feeling them again and say “thank you for the blessings and the lessons “. I release this now to the divine source. 💜😇🙏

I have decided to create Soul-Light mandalas for everyone. I will not judge and I will leave my ego at the door. My artwork is very unique and always divinely guided. I always make sure I am a clear channel as I create your Soul-Light Mandala. Your Soul-Light Mandala will be downloaded by the divine in present 🎁 tense. I will use some paints, I may add feathers 🪶, crystals, stickers, jewelry, ribbons 🎀. Anything that I’m called to in your creation.

Offering in the physical includes: Your physical Soul-Light Mandala mailed anywhere in North America. If you are elsewhere then please email me for more information. Your physical blessings journal ( 200 ruled pages plus motivational quotes from the masters) , Message from the divine source especially for you at this time. ✍️ Your cost until August 31,2022 $ 250.00 all inclusive. Email to order this. Your email heading should read…In Divine Timing 11:11. Your full name, date of birth, and favourite colour. If you have a special theme in mind please let me know. I can’t wait to complete your “Soul-Light Mandala.

If you are called to do this then a more cost effective method is your Soul-Light Mandala created by me and the divine message and your picture of this personal art piece will be sent by email. Your cost for this until August 31/22 will be $ 150.00 all inclusive. Again email me at with the heading In divine timing 11:11. In the body put your full name, your date of birth, and your favourite colour and any special themes. I am excited 😆 to complete your Soul-Light Mandala. All payments for this service will be by email transfer. 10% of all income from this service will be tithed to The Salvation Army International. This Christian organization helps make this a better world for many.

The creation of your Soul-Light Mandala will be done in two weeks from the date you send your payment or sooner. I will only do two creations per day. I have many other things on my plate but doing this for you will make my heart 💜 sing. My current 📕 book I am writing will be available on Amazon in July 2022. This will also be available in English and Spanish on Audible in June 2022. Current project “The Profit Revisited by Katharine Everest”.

Sacred Mandala, sacred arts, church, tithe, Salvation Army International, mountains in life, Everest, Katharine Everest, this is my wish for you. , Katharine’s Lighthouse, starlight starbright, divine timing, abundance, love 💗, self-love, forgiveness of everyone including me.

Copyright Katharine Helen Mary Simpson/Katharine Everest June 2022

Sacred Sunday Blogs by Katharine’s Lighthouse 11:11. Blogs of Authenticity- Sowing Seeds of Joy and Abundance

Some insight taken from Pure Glory blogs. “Seeds Bring a Harvest “. No plagiarism intended. Liked and shared. Thank you 🙏

Well beautiful souls… I love the blog sent to my inbox today called “Seeds Bring A Harvest “. This is the insight I got from this blog.

Appreciation and focused positive intent is absolutely the only answer to everything. Always always put love 💗 into your focus, let go and let god and tell god you’re just going with the flow of Gods divine plan in Divine Timing. Quite often the Divine offers our focused goal in a circumstance that looks different than the original goal we focused on. It may even look 👀 like a dramatic or tower moment and the life lesson that you need to learn before God manifests your goal in the physical needs to be seen as a silver lining in the clouds ⛅️ presented to you. Gift 🎁 absorbed, seen and life lesson learned ! Magically your vibration rises and you are closer to your manifestation.

Thank God for this blessing that’s been presented. Always expect and ask for the highest good for myself and all vibrational energetically connected people, place or things. Kiss method ( Keep it simple sister) Not Zig Ziglar’s quote. “ For the highest good of me and all others concerned. 😊🙏💗😇

“ All benevolent outcome with Grace and Ease “.

All my blessings big and small, I Love them all. I love you God. Thank you so much 😇

Benevolence: Gratitude journals. Blessings journal 📓. If you’re not a writer ✍️ just talk to God… like he/she is your best friend and say thank you every time a blessing is presented. Eg: Every-time I have a shower I thank God for indoor plumbing. Something totally taken for granted. Look back in history, this is very much a blessing.

Also as I rise everyday I say to God. Thank you so much for the blessing of being on your wake-up list. A clean slate to write ✍️ on. “ No matter what yesterday presented, every bird wakes up with a new song.” 🌸🐚🌹🌞⭐️🌈💜🧡💛💚💙🤍💗☮️♊️✝️🕉☯️🇨🇦

God will always help you with healthy self love, non-judgment and and acceptance of self through forgiveness and the realization that we are all doing our best and we are all, without accept-ion, functioning from our unhealed wounds. Heal them to thrive not just survive.

Forgiveness: Jesus can help with this. He’s mastered it. Call in his essence no matter what your religious affiliation is.

Hohonopono meditation’s help. Sacred Hawaiian 🌺 prayer of forgiveness. I love you. Please forgive me. I’m sorry. Thank you.

Letters of forgiveness to yourself and any one you need to forgive. You don’t need to send it. If you feel called to… burn 🔥 it safely outside while you say “With this letter of forgiveness I release me and I release you in every time, space, dimension, every timeline, all that is that may not be mentioned here. Say your full name and date of birth and say “ I burn this letter with unconditional love of myself and you. We are both Thank you God for this blessing and all life lessons.

Inner Child Healing meditations and honopopono Hawaii sacred forgiveness prayer.

EFT Tapping ( Emotional Freedom Technique)

Remember you are Love. Love overpowers all lower energies.

Meditate for 11 minutes 11 seconds each day to vibrate on a higher level. Baby steps always work. Just say Sat Nam or Love over and over. Really quite a lovely energy. You’re worth it!

Love: Remember you are love 💗 💜😇🙏😊. Follow the habits above to rise to this vibration.

Co-dependencies: Guided meditation to release all chords related to people, places, things and addictions that no longer serve your highest good or the highest good of all. The essence of Arch Angel 😇 Michael and Arch 😇 Raphael can help you with this. Remember the divine help is there but don’t forget to ask? Your free will is always in play. You have to ask them.

Abundance of money or anything in the light. Reprogram your subconscious. Believe you are worthy. If you don’t feel worthy nothing will come into your reality that you dream about, until you do. Of course inner child healing helps with this. I got the above download from the divine during the night a few weeks ago. I was crying to God. Cause you know I do that. Lol 😂.

Jake Ducey’s Success Hypnosis ( about 10 minutes and free to download is a good tool).

When you write down your financial goal or any other goal , write it in the present 🎁 tense as if it’s already accomplished. Put down Why, who it will benefit the amount and how it will serve the greater good of all?

Start with a small goal and meditate on that. As you reach that goal change your financial thermostat to a higher goal. Baby steps work. It may have taken a lifetime to master the art of negative programming. You can change those thinking patterns instantly if you want to. Dr. Wayne Dyer said “ You will see it when you believe it . “

Yes! 💜🙏😇🇨🇦🏡☮️🎁✍️

Believe you can or believe you can’t. In both cases you’re right. Henry Ford . Imagination is more important than knowledge. Albert Einstein and another favourite quote, “To tell you the truth, even if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain…”Move from here to there “, and you would see nothing as impossible. Audrey Hepburn said it best…

Thank you so much for reading this blog. I appreciate you and I hope you learned something from my written words. May you always be showered with blessings of light and always love 💗. What a magnificent magical Sunday to be alive and make your mark and make a difference, if that is your goal. Xoxo Katharine

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Remember to always speak your truth but in some circumstances “ Silence May Be Golden” in the situation you are presented with. Use your discernment and always respect the other person. Not everyone is going to think 🤔 like us or they may not be ready to hear what we want to share. Everyone is on their own life path, no accept ions.

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