Blogs of Authenticity by Katharine Simpson-Divine Soul-Light Contract of Infinite Abundance 11:11

Divine Soul Light Contract dated May 10,2022 Tuesday of Katharine Helen Mary Simpson at 3:00 am Est. at Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada 🇨🇦 Earth 🌍

Created lovingly by our Divine God. Thank you Divine God for being Katharine’s Lighthouse 11:11.
This overrides all contracts of the soul light of Katharine Helen Mary Simpson in Divine Unconditional Love or in any other vibration, anywhere, anytime, any dimension, all that was, is or will be. This Soul Light Contract can never be altered or revoked in any space or time by anything but the energy of Unconditional Divine Light and Love 💗.
Katharine Helen Mary Simpson is infinitely abundant in Healthy Body, Healthy open heart 💜 in the essence of Divine Unconditional Love. Spirit/Soul Light, Balanced, Beautiful Healthy Mental health ,
Sovereign , balanced, balanced, wise, intelligent, emotionally intelligent and healthy
Unconditional self love 💗.
Accepting only Divine Communication. Anything else return to sender with forgiveness and divine unconditional love .Please cut the cords ( energetically or otherwise) Arch Angel Michael please disconnect me from anything or energy that is not for my highest good 😊. If it’s not divine, it’s not mine. Signed Sealed with God’s Unconditional Love 💗 in the divine. Power of 3. Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
Generations of Health, Wealth and prosperity. Anything in the essence of Unconditional Divine Love and Light and our blessings are eternal. Thank you Divine God. Generational blessings in the divine light are eternal. Going on forever in the ocean of time.
And So It Is…Signed by the Divine Light of beautiful God this magnificent day of May 10, 2022 . Christian Calendar AD And Katharine says “ All my blessings, big and small, I/we love them all.

Thank you 🙏 Thank you 🙏 Thank you 🙏 xoxo 💜☮️🥰🇨🇦

Peace Everyone. Blessings This Mother’s Day 2022

Have you ever thought about what actually causes WAR ☮️ .? Did you realise that the big wars are just the little wars in group consciousness.

Seriously folks! Clean up your wounds. We all have tower moments. This is not something only some of us have. Do the inner child healing and vibe higher. Just surviving but not thriving is just plain stupid. If god gave you good brains 🧠 seriously, use them , thrive, don’t just survive.

If we all worked towards inner peace and life balance instead of chaos, drama, addictive behaviour, hating of any kind whether it be prejudice or judging . 😮 Wow their doing better then me and oh my god… I’m god so I need to kill them. Seriously can’t get my head around that major B S !

Our potential is Infinity… Infinite Possibilities. Anything that takes away our self love 💗 and makes us feel unworthy is B.S. and it’s way to expensive 🌸🌹🍃🌞🌍⭐️. Release anything, people, place or things that takes away any balance inside because again , I’m going to repeat it “, Anything that takes away your inner peace ☮️ and self love is to expensive”. When the need for love out-ways the need for power, we’ll find peace, says it all. Don’t let anyone else’s bullshit programming make you feel unworthy of anything. They are not worth it. If they refuse to do the inner work and change. Namaste and walk away. You’re worth it.

Empowering Women Inspirational Boundary Mastery Program is on sale for Mother’s Day until May 10/22. Check it out if you like. I would love to have you join us.

Well that’s my rant for the day lovely people. Namaste ( my soul honours your soul.)Thanks for reading. I really appreciate you.


Clean up your act people. We all have the same potential. The earth is just a school.

Specials for Mom’s Day until May 10/22.

Happy Mothers Day everyone. A totally wonderful experience. One of the most beautiful moments in my life was having my children. It’s not the breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away. Feels so magical to bring new life into the world 🌎. They are captains of their ships (life) and they have a chance to make that clean slate magnificent. Congratulations to all Mom’s and an even bigger thanks to the Mom’s who chose to raise someone they didn’t give birth to. That’s one incredible lady. I’m so proud of you.

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Katharine… yah that’s me. Taken by my neice Laura in Orillia, Ontario. in late 2021

Intuitive Lighthouse 11:11 Mentoring/Coach

These sessions are going to empower you and guide you to vibrate on an all loving, all compassionate, self-empowerment, freedom and ultimately Unconditional Love.

I was trained in Boundary Mastery with Dr. Doreen Virtue and I am a Reiki Master.

Each session is one hour in length through Skype or telephone.

If you would like a gift certificate for someone special please email me. I will send you a certificate by email. Payment will be done by email transfer. It never expires ! Thank you for giving this beautiful gift of empowerment !



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